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Could you imagine being judged simply based on the preconcieved notions of the general population?

Some of us live this on a daily basis, be it the color of our skin, or the people we love. One of the most attacked groups in the world today are those who practice Islam. Tainted by the extremists that claim their actions were in the name of their religion, Muslims all over the world are subject to unfounded ridicule on a daily basis.

A new film entitled MOOZ-lum is a coming of age story about a young man who’s struggling with his faith due to the pressures of society. Starring Nia Long, Evan Ross, and Danny Glover… the film has been getting rave reviews at a number of festivals and in pre-screenings in cities across the country. Opening in 10 cities next Friday (February 11th) this film is one you do not want to miss. Watch the trailer below. To find out if your city made the top 10 list, click here. Houston made the list, so you know a review will be soon to follow.