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On January 12th, 2010, Haiti was rocked with a series of extremely powerful earthquakes that left the already impoverished country in a state of emergency. Hundreds of thousands of people died…many are still unaccounted for today, one whole year later.

Americans did their part…but after the cameras went away, the problems in Haiti only mounted. Rapes, murders, widespread hunger and an outbreak of cholera are now plaguing those who have remained… and people have FORGOTTEN that help is still imperative.

So today, I challenge you… to look into your heart, and your pocket, to see if you can donate to the cause. I set up a campaign through MercyCorps one of the most trusted global aid foundations, to bring much needed supplies  and aid to the people who need it most. No games, gimmicks, or gains on my end… just the satisfaction of knowing that me, and my readers did their part to help people in need.

Click the link below to donate… a little help can go a VERY long way.