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In the latest  installment of  “That’s Unfortunate”…

Hot 97’s DJ Cipha Sounds (pictured above with Va$htie) has been known to say some ignorant things… but last week he stepped all over the line. While on air last Friday, he quipped:

“I’m HIV negative because I don’t mess with Haitian girls!”

This is, by definition, a basic statement.

Not only is it ignorant…it’s stupid, especially in a city with as large of a Haitian population as New York City. The back lash has been major, and while Cipha Sounds actually did say he was sorry, Haitian leaders are calling for his removal from the station.

With all of the things that are going on in Haiti right now, it’s just not in good taste to make such a blatant and disgusting generalization about a group of people, especially when Cipha Sounds himself is a man of color. Even if he had thought it, you don’t necessarily have to share everything that hits your brain. Especially…if you’re on radio.

You can watch Cipha Sounds’ apology below.

UPDATE: The powers that be at Hot 97 say that Cipha Sounds will keep his job.

“He will not be fired. He’s a young man who made a mistake, does not have a track record of any malice and we are handling this as an internal matter.”

-Alexandra Cameron, SVP Market Manager