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The latest entry to the “That’s Unfortunate” series comes from my girl… Keri Hilson.

I say my girl because I like Keri. A lot. I thoroughly enjoyed her first album “In A Perfect World”, and her first two singles from her forthcoming project “No Boys Allowed” (Breaking Point & Pretty Girl Rock) grew on me quickly. After seeing this video however…I’m completely lost. The first time I pressed play… I couldn’t even make it all the way through. I eventually forced it though.

*Blank Stare*
Profanity. Crotch Thrusts. Half-Nakedness. Screaming masquerading as singing. Over all doing the most. I just can’t.

Now if Keri had no talent, I wouldn’t even be talking about this, because I’d be able to understand the blatant attempt to sell sex. But because Keri can actually carry a tune…I’m quite frankly bewildered.

We have to do better than this. Even the acting is bad…and it doesn’t do anything to add to the vibe of the song. While it does tell a story, I’m not quite sure I understand it. Basically…it’s just a big ball of confusion.

Keri gets the benefit of the doubt this time…but should some crazy stuff like this be presented to the public again…there could be some issues.