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The Rainforest Films produced flick “Takers” did better numbers than most people were expecting. Starring  Tip Harris, Idris Elba, Hayden Christiansen, Michael Ealy, Paul Walker, Chris Brown and Zoë Saldaña, the movie was definitely driven by it’s all-star cast. The film was shown on a little more than 2K screens this weekend, and raked in an estimated $21 million in ticket sales.

I saw the film on opening night, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was slightly twisted, the protagonists were well dressed brainy bank robbers attempting to pull of their biggest heist yet, when some unexpected trouble finds them. At certain points in this movie, I felt like I was watching the male version of “Set It Off”…

It was definitely a departure from the routine bad-boy shoot-em-up dumb criminal films that saturate the market. There is a lot of violence, a few sequences of profanity and some reference to drug use, but all in all, your whole family (those over 13 at least) will enjoy this film. Make sure you support it…and buy a ticket!