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I have personally seen a decline in people purchasing Urban fashion lines for years now. As a matter of fact, if you were wearing Apple Bottoms, FUBU, RocaWear, Karl Kani…Vokal… or whatever, you’d probably get a quick side-eye glance from me. There was a time when if you weren’t wearing those lines, you were lame… but now, that time has passed and the tables have shifted.

At any rate, one of the most powerful and profitable urban fashion companies is Phat Fashions, and as President of the company, fashion icon Kimora Lee Simmons took the Baby Phat & Phat Farm brands to soaring new heights. Now, after 14 years, Kimora is severing ties with all things Phat, and the organization’s parent company, Kellwood, beginning September 1st.

Although Kimora announced in an official statement to EOnline Friday that she was moving on, I got the feeling from several tweets, including THIS one, that this was not a happy split…and that she was forced out by the corporate powers that be. Whatever the case…Kimora and the Baby Phat Cat are no longer synonymous.

Don’t think that Kimora’s done designing though. She still retains ownership of 3 other lines: KLS, Koture by Kimora, and Fabulosity, and will still be on Style Network with her show Life In The Fab Lane. This does however, make me wonder what Fashion Week will look like this year. Always known as one of the most exciting shows…Baby Phat was fan favorite and it always seemed as though Kimora made sure that there were models of all colors and more varied sizes on the runway to showcase the diversity of the brand. This year, according to Simmons, there will be no Phat show.

It’s got to be hard selling your brainchild to a corporate company so that it’s reach could expand, and then having to completely let it go…but I raise my glass in a toast to Kimora, because she built it from the ground up, and whoever takes the reigns just bought it renovated…and I’m almost positive that Baby Phat sales will not be the same with out Kimora’s name attached.