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I’m a huge fan of 90’s R&B music…well really I’m a fan of 90’s everything. But truthfully, one of the greatest decades for black music was the 90’s. On a regular day, I’m either playing some neo-soul, gospel, or my ever-expanding 90’s playlist. All that being said, this mixtape is an interesting addition to my collection, because the content is a mix of current, original material, and remakes of classic 90’s R&B songs.

Maybe you remember the group Brutha from their short-lived reality show that aired on BET in 2008. The brothers Harrell come from a long legacy of musicians, and are actually, truly, really good singers. They got recognized for doing a lot of acapella covers of classic songs on Youtube. Currently signed to Def Jam, Brutha is preparing to release their sophomore album “Vacancy”…no solid release date yet, but the mixtape will hold you over until it hits shelves.

Click the album artwork above to download. Follow Brutha on Twitter