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Known for pushing the limits on television decency and bringing social awareness through comedy, The Boondocks and its creator Aaron McGruder ignited a slight firestorm with the latest episode. On Sunday, a new episode simply entitled “Paused” aired on Comedy Central’s Adult Swim. If you missed it, you should check it out below before you go on to read the rest of the post.

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The title of this post really shouldn’t have a question mark in it, because this was definitely a jab at Tyler Perry and his character Madea. Although it may have been a little harsh, its definitely got a lot of truth to it. Truthfully, a lot of people go to see Tyler Perry films, and ignore the ignorance and sometimes negativity that comes with those films. While I won’t go on a diatribe abou it, I have noticed a pattern with Tyler’s films that is not quite positive. In no way shape or form am I down playing Mr. Perry’s achievements as a leader in Hollywood, but I know that people neglect to take into account the bafoonery and negativity in his films. Sometimes, the truth hurts.  Coming back to The Boondocks, the creator, Aaron McGruder has always been the type of writer who says things that everyone else is thinking but doesn’t think is “PC” or polite to say! Tell me what you think!