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Call her the comeback kid. Kelly Rowland is making moves for herself, and finally getting the opportunity to stand alone in the spotlight. Granted, she has already released three solo albums, and received a Grammy for both her work with Nelly on “Dilemma” and with David Guetta on her international number one single “When Love Takes Over”… but she could never escape the constant comparisons to her former groupmate, “she-who-shall-not-be-named-because-everyone-already-knows”

With new management, and a new label (Universal Motwown), Kelly Rowland is looking to have as much success state-side as she’s seen internationally. ( Sidenote: It’s so amazing to me that Kelly is a megastar overseas, but can’t catch a break in the US! Sad really.) Her new album, still untitled, is slated for a September release, but material has been leaking left and right. Her first single Commander is already an international dance hit, and the urban remix featuring Nelly is burning up the Urban charts. So what will it take for Kelly to make it clear that she’s just as talented, if not more than any other singer? That’s left to be seen. What I know is, that she’s beautiful and obviously has a closet that any girl would love to have…on top of her being a gifted singer, and philanthropist.

Check out her new singles Rose Colored Glasses & Grown Woman, as well as a couple of Elle Magazine and Cosmopolitan South Africa photo shoot flicks below.

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Rose Colored Glasses

Grown Woman