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Sex sells. Its a proven fact, something that we can’t really get around. Networks make choices about what they will and will not air based on the decency standards imposed by the FCC, but, as of late, I’ve noticed a slight double standard being imposed by a certain cable network…

For the sake of argument, I’ll select two artists, with mild to moderately explicit videos. One is male, one is female. The male artist’s video spent quite a while on a popular show on “The Network”, while the female artist’s video has been banned from even entering rotation. Before I show you these videos, please be advised that they are NOT SAFE FOR WORK, and that you should tuck the kiddies away before you continue reading…

The male artist in our scenario is Trey Songz. Known for his overt sexuality, Trey shocked even his most dedicated fans with the release of the visual for his popular song  “Invented Sex.” You can view original “web only” video by clicking the screen caps below.

The video was edited, and a “cleaner” version was released for air on BET, but it’s still pretty hot…Click here to for exhibit #2, the video for “Neighbor’s Know My Name”…same story, different song…and thats the version that runs on BET everyday.

Now the female artist in our scenario is Ciara. Her recently released video for the song “Ride” has been banned, from airing on BET…lets compare and contrast:

WHOA! In no way am I saying that this video is not…RAW, however, in my opinion, its no worse than either of the Trey videos I shared with you earlier. One could argue that the video has been banned not so much for the visual content, but rather its lyrical innuendo. That’s not a good enough excuse for me when we have Waka Flocka Flame “rapping” about killing, dealing  and beating people! If we’re being honest, Ciara has been dancing the same way her entire career, even back when she was singing about keeping her “goodies” in a jar.

Now, two wrongs do not make a right, but I do feel that if we’re censoring things, they should be censored equally across the board. What message are we sending kids, if they see a male artist having sex on tv, but female artists are banned for doing the same thing? I think we should just get rid of it all, at least on TV. Let me know your opinion.