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While typing this post, I’m listening to Chris Brown’s new collab mixtape with Tyga, “Fan of a Fan”…and all I can think of is, MAN this is a totally different dude than the kid I had a crush on when I was in still in high school!

I’m all for growing up and moving forward in your career, but I think the things that that have happened in Chris’ career have shaped him negatively. Granted, before “the incident” Chris was already trying to prove he was a “grown man” by stepping up the sexy. Now that he’s feeling an industry blackball, his music is coming off slightly angry, bitter even. It seems that he’s buying into the “bad boy” stereotype that the media has placed on him. Sad thing is, I don’t believe it. This brings us to a deep conversation. What is truly unforgivable, and when will we stop giving the media the power to make decisions for us?

I don’t like to dredge up the past, but in my opinion there are always 3 sides of a story; his, hers, and the truth. Although Rihanna’s album sales post-Chris were not as stellar as previous performances, I’m not sure that she’s received half the negativity Chris has. In no way am I condoning domestic violence, but I also think that there is a point when people need to let go and move forward. Radio stations have stopped playing his music. Stores refused to stock his album, venues rejected requests to host his 21st birthday party, and people that once were his friends, have completely disowned him. So who will cry for the little boy?

In a time where people will do just about anything to be famous, sometimes we forget that many of those currently in the spotlight would trade everything just to have some semblance of privacy.  We always want what the next person has. My point is, its important for us to remember that celebrities are human just like we are. People make mistakes, and should be able to get a second chance, if they are sincerely apologetic. Moral of the story is, get off Chris’ back. The quality of his music has not depreciated, he’s actually still making hot songs, but if no one supports him…we’ll wind up talking about him as he continues to spiral downward. Just think about it.

Click the artwork below to download the Fan of a Fan mixtape. I’ve really been feeling the tracks Deuces & Number One…get into it.

Also, take a minute to check out CHRIS’ new videos: Deuces & No B.S.

Click HERE for No B.S.