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“This is a big [expletive] deal!” – VP Joe Biden

With all of the excitement surrounding the historic Health Care Reform Law, I know that there are some people, like me, who aren’t sure how the changes will effect their situation. Decades in the making, Health Care Reform will insure 32 million Americans, which means 95% of all Americans will have health insurance.

The White House has broken everything down into laymen’s terms on their website. I suggest you visit whitehouse.gov and read for yourself. Also, If you’re interested in reading the entire senate bill and the house revisions, click here. Check out this video that breaks down Healthcare by the numbers…

While we’re discussing healthcare…have you noticed the lack of respect thats been rampant in the political realm lately? The racist Tea Party participants? Baby Killer? Cutting the President of the United States off while he’s trying to speak…and lets not forget about the infamous “YOU LIE“. How much of this has to do with the color of President Obama’s skin is beyond me. What I do know is, that I have never seen so much blatant and outright disrespect of the President since I have been alive. Maybe I’m hyper sensitive…you tell me. Share your opinions.

By the way… President Obama is my commencement speaker. May 9th, 2010. And I’ll get to stay on my parent’s insurance on May 10th, and until I’m 26! HA.